How many Press On Nails come in each set?

All sets include 10 nails in the size that you select. 

What comes with my Press On Nail order?

All nail orders will include 1x nail file, 1x cuticle pusher, 1x nail glue, 2x alcohol wipes, and application/removal instructions.

How do I know what size nails to order?

You can refer to the Nail Size Guide and follow the instructions to measure your nails.

How long do the nails stay on?

This depends on many factors like how you prep your natural nails before application. Also, how rough you handle your nails while wearing them and your preference of adhesive. If you follow the application instructions (included in every order) thoroughly the nails can last 1-7 days when using the Gel Glue Nail Tabs or for a few hours for a special occasion! It can also last 1-3 weeks using the the provided nail glue.

Are the Press On Nails reusable?

Yes! With the use of the Gel Glue Nail Tabs you can easily remove the nails for future use!

What if my nails don't fit?

Every Press On Nail set is handmade to each order. We are not held responsible if the wrong size is ordered. Please ensure that you follow our Nail Size Guide to find your perfect fit!